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Denim organiser


Denim jeans are Normally something that everyone has one or two pairs of laying around, if you are anything like me you go through them on a regular basis, whether you grow out of them, stain them or rip them, they can usually be reused.

I first saw this idea on Pinterest and it was a why reinvent the wheel moment, someone has designed, sewn and reinforced all these pockets so why not use them as pockets. I think denim is also a warm fabric with some brilliant textures that can decorate any wall.
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T-shirt to vest top


Upcycling clothes is all about adapting them to fit your needs, to fit your body or someone else’s. An easy fix for a baggy T-shirt is to make it into a Vest top, this is especially good if it is the image on the T-shirt that you like. Continue reading T-shirt to vest top