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Easy Bird feeder

We all like to help our animal friends when we can and a large part of the population put out bird food, especially during winter but this isn’t always a cheap option. Never mind the cost of the seed, or nuts, or fat balls the average bird feeder will set you back between £4 and £5 each, this is cheap and easy way to feed the birds and make something beautiful and unique for the garden.

Finished and in the garden, just waiting for the birds

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Multicoloured Lego crayons

Finished lego men and blocks in crayon
Finished lego men and blocks in crayon

I have seen these before online and thought it was a great use for leftover bits if crayons. It is the disaster that befalls all young and old people and their box of crayons. At the beginning you have a perfect box of crayons in every Colour imaginable but slowly more and more break and get used until all that is left is lots of little broken bits.

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