MakerFaire 2015

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So after a wonderful time at MakerFaire 2014, where I not only showed off upcycled items but gave people a chance to make something themselves, I decided to do it all over again! As per my normal behaviour I filled out my application at the last minute, was pleased when I got a maker’s space and the promptly left most of the prep until the last minute.

Things I have up cycled
Things I have up cycled
Making side
Making side

My main concern was what makes I would be doing at Makerfaire15, I knew that I would once again have to do the keyrings from old toys as they had been very popular, I knew I would bring my beads (from old jewellery) to make new jewellery, paper beads and some sort of small sewing project, even going so far as to say that I might be bringing my sewing machine.

The sewing project was finally decided about two weeks before Makerfaire when I started making purple fabric flowers for a mayday celebration as part of the Stroke for May campaign that I am going to be part of. This was a success, especially on the Sunday when my mother was there to run a small sewing circle on the little seats that were handily behind my tables.


The keyrings were very popular, so much so that I actually almost ran out of split keyrings by he end of day 1, an emergency trip to hobby craft got me some more to keep me going but by 2.30pm on day 2 I was not only out of split keyrings but also toys to make the keyrings!

As per normal people enjoyed making bracelets out of old beads, with one girl on Saturday who made a beautiful necklace to wear to her homily communion.

The final make, that was definitely adult themed and rather popular on the sunday was the paper origami earrings. This was a last minute addition to making lineup on the Saturday morning and was enjoyed by quite a few people, using paper from an Asda magazine adults made rather fiddly tiny cranes to turn into earrings.

Butterfly origami earrings
Butterfly origami earrings

On the other half of my stall were the finished projects, mostly my own up cycling projects that are available on this blog, but also some of the supplies from remarkable and a glass from a bottle. The visitors seemed to like looking at all the different items but the one that I think got the most attention was the denim organiser.

Overall this was a great but very busy weekend and I hope that I can come back in 2016!

Makerfaire 2015


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