Key rings

We all have a selection of small toys around the house, especially those that are occupied by small and not so small children. A quick and easy way to keep one of these or to re-use a favourite one is to make it into a keying.


Materials and tools
Old toys – small
Very small eyelets- florist eyelets are available on eBay
‘O’ ring
Key ring
A drill and small drill bit suitable to the eyelets, normally about 1mm
Pair of needle nose pliers

1. Drill a hole into your toy, being careful to hold the toy and not to go too deep. For this hole I used a small hand drill and a 0.8mm drill.


2. Carefully fasten the eyelet into place using the pliers to hold the eyelet, hold it as far down as possible to try make sure that the eyelet doesn’t snap off.


3. Close an ‘O’ ring to connect the eyelet to the keyring.


Helpful hints
If your toy comes apart (such as a Lego figure) it might be sensible to glue loose pieces together.

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