Paper Bags


Paper bags are an easy way to make a bag that can left plain or decorated, stamped or painted to make something unique. For my Jewellery I tend to make them out of Newspaper, as it is an easy to get ahold of material and you often end up with very interesting bags. 


Newspaper or other paper of a similar size

Pritt stick

And that is it, just two materials needed, although you will also need scissors and a ruler.


1. While you can use a single thickness of newspaper, I have found that gluing one sheet in half is a better idea, it gives the bag more strength. Fold the sheet along the middle and glue together. The only disadvantage of this is that as you complete the rest of the steps you must make sure that the two layers are still glued firmly together.

2. Cut two strips about 1.5cm wide off the “open’ end of the folded sheet along the long side.



3. Fold each of the double thickness strips in half again, gluing along the entire length,


4. Mark along the folded edge of the double sheet, leave approximately 2cm on either end and then mark, 2 side and a front/back. Below the sides are 5cm each and the front/back 11cm. Fold the paper on each other marks, including the end marks, make sure that each crease is as crisp as possible.



5. Glue one side of the bag around the end mark, approximately 2cm of each side of the last fold.



6. Glue the bag together to make a tube, lining up the two outer most folds, pressing firmly to make sure that it is glued all the way down.


7. Open the bag out and the flatten so that the front and back lay next to each other, this will fold each of the sides in half and then fold them inside the bag.


8. The bottom of the bag is the open end of the folded sheet, leaving the folded edge as the top as it is neater. Trim the bottom so that it is straight and all the same length. Cut the top layer and sides about 1.5cm shorter than the back panel.

IMG_09389. Fold the longer back panel over the others and glue in place, sealing the bottom of the bag.



10. Fold the sides again as shown in the below picture, this will allow you to put your hand into the bag and fold the bottom flat, allowing the bag to stand up.



11. Take the thin pieces of paper from earlier and fold them into a ‘n’ shape the same width as your bag.IMG_0932


12. Glue the handles in place on the inside of the bag, glue the full length so that they will stay in place.IMG_0942



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