Jars 3 – Easy Vase

Easter Vase with Open daffodils

An empty Jar is an easy vase that most people have on hand in an emergency, but it is easy to make your average jar look special for a special occasion. 

As it is the season, the Jar that I have made this time is for Easter and all you need is:

An empty jar, cleaned of all its labels

scraps of fabric/ribbon


Anything else that you have on hand that would decorate your jar

PVA glue

To make my Easter themed Vase, although really it could be used at any time of year, I found ribbon and fabric that seemed “Eastery” to me. Searching through my button box revealed not only some nice coloured buttons but also some flower shaped ones.

The ribbon was tied in place around the top and the green fabric glued around the base. The buttons were glued on one/two at a time and left to dry while the jar was lying on its side.

Once everything was dried, it was half filled with water and some nice easter daffodils added.

Finished Vase with Daffodils


This can also be made with an empty tin, but I would only put dried/fake flowers in this as the water could cause the tin to corrode


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