2015: The clothing challenge

So 2014 was a year for cutting back on my purchases in General and especially on clothing, so every purchase was carefully looked at to see if I really need it and most of the time, I didn’t. I am a keen Charity shop browser and even when I buy from retail shops, it tends to only be if it is on sale.

So for 2015 I looked at my wardrobe and decided that as I wasn’t a fashionista who needed the latest styles and designer labels, I probably wouldn’t need any more clothes this year.

So my Challenge for 2015 was not to buy any new clothes! 

This meant that from January 1st 2015 until 31st December there would be no purchasing of anything clothing related, nothing from socks to hats would be purchased. It is partly to get me thinking about new clothes and why we buy them and partly to save money.

I also hope that this will get my creative sewing juices flowing, finding new ways to make old clothes exciting, not because I am bored of them but because I have ruined them. I want to look at the clothes that I no longer wear and see if there is a reason that I don’t wear them and if I can change them so that I will wear them!       

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