Sweet Display

Bottles are a fabulous resource, I often use the top and main body of them as mini green houses for plants. This leaves me with lots of bases that normally just end up going in the recycling. I saw an image of a jewellery display made of the bottom of large bottles and liked the idea but didn’t need a jewellery stand at the time.
Instead when I started thinking about things I would like in my stall at makerfaire I thought about adapting the idea to hold sweets.

Finished, with ribbon trim
Finished, with ribbon trim

Materials and equipment

Bottoms of 4 large pop bottles, I used 2L bottles
Sweet tin lid or equivalent
Piece of Thick dowel or broom stick
Craft knife
Spray paint
Screws x2
Large washer

1. I found that all of my bottles had a line near the bottom that would give me a good depth for holding sweets. I started off by using the craft knife to cut the bottles roughly above where I wanted my final cut to be. Use the scissors to create the final neat cut as straight as possible.

2. Wash all of your bottle bases and leave to dry. Do the same with the lid of the sweet tin, making sure that all loose particles and labels are removed.

3. Once all of the pieces are dry thy can be painted, this is optional and all pieces could be left plain to show the items they had been in all their glory. I decided to spray paint all of mine red, doing the outside of the plastic bottles so there is no chance of the paint rubbing off on anything put in it.
Read the instructions on your spray paint for drying times and methods of use. You may need to apply 2-3 thin coats rather than one thick coat to avoid drips running down the side.

Pieces being spray painted ready to be assembled
Pieces being spray painted ready to be assembled


4. I decided to finish my containers off with a piece of ribbon around the top to protect people from any sharp edges. I used double sided tape as a quick method of fixing the ribbon in place, make sure that your ribbon is wide enough that there is enough surface area inside and outside the bottle to fix it down. My ribbon was 12mm thick and this seemed wide enough.

5. Find the middle of your base, this link will show you how to find the middle if a circle. Use your a small drill 2/3mm to create a small hole and then thread your screw through with the washer on so that the screw won’t pull through. The washer is especially important if you, like I did, are using a plastic sweet tin lid.

Washer underneath to hold Dowel in place
Washer underneath to hold Dowel in place


6. Make sure that your piece of dowel is the correct length and that both ends are square and flat. The dowel can be any length you require as long as it is taller than your bottle bases. I wouldn’t make it too tall as that could make your display unsteady. Place the tip if your screw in the middle of the dowel and screw into place.

Dowel in position
Dowel in position


7. Use the same method to fasten one of the bottle bases to the top of the dowel and glue the other bottle bases to the sweet lid at equal intervals around the edge.

8. Fill with sweets to offer to innocent bystanders!

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