Jars I – painted


Jars are a fantastic resource they can be used and re-used over and over again. They are one of the easiest to be re-used and most people do it without thinking.

There are also ways to make jars a bit more fun, everyone loves a pop of colour in their living spaces and this easy way to decorate a jar can match any decor that you have.


Used jar- cleaned out and all labels removed
Paint- in your choice of colour, gloss and silk paints should work well

1. Pour your choice of paint into the jar, filling it somewhere between a fifth and a quarter.

2. Put the lid on you jar and start moving it around until your paint covers all the inside surface of the jar.

Pour out any extra paint
Pour out any extra paint

3. Once all the jar is covered on the inside, carefully remove the lid (over sink or the open paint tin) and leave the jar to dry. Keep an eye on the jar for the next couple of hours, if the paint starts to slip from an area put the lid back on and move it around again until everywhere is covered again.

4. Once the paint had dried your jar is ready to be used to store your items.

Left to dry
Left to dry

Your jar could be used for pens, pencils, toys and whatever else you desire. The only warning I would give is to be careful putting water into your jar, test your paint to see if it comes off first.

If your paint does start to scrape off over time, either touch up with the same paint or even do the same thing with another colour to creat a funky pattern. This could also be done on purpose!

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