Easy Bird feeder

We all like to help our animal friends when we can and a large part of the population put out bird food, especially during winter but this isn’t always a cheap option. Never mind the cost of the seed, or nuts, or fat balls the average bird feeder will set you back between £4 and £5 each, this is cheap and easy way to feed the birds and make something beautiful and unique for the garden.

Finished and in the garden, just waiting for the birds

Materials and Equipment

  • 1L or larger Juice box
  • Wooden dowel or old pencil
  • Acrylic paint
  • Craft knife
  • Wire

1. Mark out the hole you are going cut so that the birds can get at the food, this needs to be 5-7cm above the base of the juice box so that there is space for food and a stick for the birds to sit on.

Access window marked out
Access window marked out

2. Cut out the window using the craft knife, try to make your edges as straight as possible but it doesn’t have to be perfect, the birds won’t mind!

Window 1 cut out
Window 1 cut out

3. Measure up to find a starting point then use the piece you have cut out to draw the second window on the other side.

Both windows cut out
Both windows cut out

4. Remove any labels or loose parts and paint the box in your base body colour. I painted mine green, mainly because I thought it would look good in a garden but also excuse that was the colour Acrylic paint that I found first! It will probably take 2 or 3 coats of paint to ensure that there is a good cover of all the graphics.

1 coat of paint, 2 more to go

5. Make a small hole on either side of the box at the same height and push your stick or pencil through, make sure the holes are tight against the stick. The best way to make sure they are tight is to cut make eight cuts fanning out in a circle (star pattern).

Stick in place
Stick in place

6. Decorate your bird feeder, this is where you can let your creative juices come out and create your unique piece of garden art ready to feed the local wildlife.


7. The final bit is to add a hanger, I made a two hole at the top of carton using a craft knife and then created a hook using a piece of wire, twisting the ends together.

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