Upcycling to Recycling

So this my blog, it is where I post my different Upcycling and recycling ideas, it is also where I post any other tutorials that link to my Jewellery making, cake baking and other ideas that have struck my fancy. I hope you enjoy.

Recycling is an important facet of modern life, it has to be because we¬†are a planet with limited resources that are rapidly being used up. Everything that is designed, in this day and age has been designed to have a short lifespan in the hope that we will quickly have to buy another one. Upcycling is one of the current trends, reusing something in a way that gives it a ‘better’ use than it previously had but has been going on centuries for many people.

But it is really something that has been going on for centuries, nothing went to waste until there was no more life in it. Items would be passed down not only to relatives but to neighbours, friends, or whoever needed it the most.

I hope this blog give people some ideas of what they can do with their old “rubbish”.

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1 thought on “Upcycling to Recycling

  1. Greetings! I am writing from Harmony-Celebrate Age, a magazine that writes about people over 50 years and their contribution to society. As part of our Recycle page, we are doing a juice carton bird feeder, very similar to the one on your blog. We need a picture to go with it and I was wondering if you could share yours with me. Please let me know at nutasharego@gmail.com
    You can take a look at the extensive work Harmony has done for the last 11 years here: http://www.harmonyindia.org/magazine.html


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